Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Katie M. DeWalt, and for nearly a decade my passion has been photography. It began the summer of my senior year. Armed with nothing but a bicycle, an iPod camera, and an allure that I can’t explain, I was hooked. I purchased a Canon 60D and started capturing models, couples, and even weddings. Once I entered the world of photography, I convinced my husband, Spencer to leave our hometown and hit the road to see what opportunities were out there.

 We began our pilgrimage to the islands of the Florida Keys. After a year of Jimmy Buffet's hit single "Margaritaville" playing on what seemed like repeat, it was time for a change. With Spencer and a small group of friends in tow, we moved to Alaska; a place we’d call home more than once in the years that followed. There, I expanded my landscape and nature photography exponentially; capturing everything from the northern lights, to snowcapped mountains and even muskox.

We later purchased a 2005 Impala that became a symbol of adventure for us. That car took us as far north as we’d ever go, deep into the Arctic Circle, through the mountains of Atigun Pass, to the end of the Dalton Highway. After a long adventure, we decided to head home. Traveling east on the Alcan Highway, we spent a total of 35 days living on the road, outlining as many states, national parks, and landmarks that we could. After a broken fuel gauge, paper-thin brakes, and headlights that didn't function properly, we finally made it home.

Now, with a base of operations in Northwestern Pennsylvania, I put everything I had into opening Katie M. DeWalt Photography. With my trusty Canon R5 in hand, I live the dream of doing what I love as a passion and a profession.

Our extensive travels combined with my growing business could have taken us anywhere, but we chose to stay in Pennsylvania to take care of Spencer’s beloved grandmother “Bubby”. Which was an adventure in friendship that I will always cherish. 

Since opening, I've had the privilege of capturing countless moments during weddings, anniversaries, family reunions, and more. I've also been honored to have my work featured in several magazines, including publications that specialize in nature photography and creative sessions. I’m always learning new things and pushing myself to be the best photographer and person that I can be. I continue to travel, and after exploring 49 states and 8 provinces, I’ve learned that you'll never see everything, so take your time and enjoy every detail.

⇧ Photos by Spencer Boyd ⇧


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